Friday, March 14, 2014

Wildwood Members Look & Feel Younger & Live Longer!

Scientists and Doctors say:  Wildwood Members Look & Feel Younger & Live Longer!

Well actually what scientists and doctors say is feel and look younger longer by following a healthful life style.  Since three of the top four things listed are all things easily available at Wildwood it makes sense that WW members are amongst those enjoying these anti-aging, health boosting, fun activities.  

The top four are:

1                Make friends and have an active social life.
2                Practice yoga & meditation daily.
3                Exercise, 30 minutes of moderate aerobic daily.
4                Eat a diet that is based on organic vegetables & fruits, fish, whole grains and limited refined carbs & meat. 
Well three out of four isn’t bad.  We all like to eat and we do that very well at potluck but just maybe a few small changes during the week will offset that piece of pie on Saturday night.

#1 FRIENDS:  What friendlier more social place could there be?  Socializing on the deck, shared holidays & special events, weekly potluck meals, and pool tournaments are just a few of the social activities members have to choose from.

#2 YOGA & MEDITATION:  Relaxing Yoga on Wednesday nights will give a base to form your own daily practice.  Stress is a contributor to almost every chronic condition (heart disease, high blood pressure, & diabetes just to name a few).  Stress also impairs sleep and often opens the door to over eating.  In short, bust stress and you will feel better & live longer.  In addition to Wednesday night yoga, relaxing on the deck, meditating in a quiet shady spot or contemplating a beautiful sunset or starry night sky will do a world of good.

#3 EXERCISE:  WW has everything to get you started.  The marked nature trails are maintained year round and are great for walking, jogging, or running.  Two beautiful pools for swimming, water volleyball, or water aerobics.  Also dancing is a wonderful form of exercise and is social too.  None of these activities require costly equipment and are perfectly suited to the natural way of life at Wildwood.  What more do we need to get that daily exercise?  JUST DO IT!

Concerning #4:  Let's just say we all will try to do better by making better choices and making those portions a bit smaller.

I love proving doctors wrong when they make dire predictions, however in this case I really hope we all prove them right.  Wildwood members let’s rock that look & feel younger and live longer statement.  

Want more proof:  Our senior member just celebrated 90 years young!  I’m going to plan on dancing at his 100th birthday celebration.  How about you?

The Naked Lady

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