Sunday, June 29, 2014

 First sorry, sorry, sorry, this has not been added in a timely manner.  Work and life in general got in the way.  Or if I were trying to make excuses I could say “I haven’t been sleeping well”.  Also everyone trying the challenge of adding more water to your health regime should by now have that one mastered.  Let's just say I wanted to give you extra time.
Sleep is the best meditation.   
       The Dalai Lama

A good night’s sleep is the best medicine.   
       Advise of Every Mother in the World
So whether it's medicine or meditation let's have a look at sleep.  The fact is that not getting enough sleep or sleep that is disturbed plays a large role in one’s health, safety, and general mood or sense of well being.  If you are one of the millions that suffer from less than optimal sleep then let’s talk about #2 in the health challenge, SLEEP.  By all accounts I should be an expert as I have experienced disrupted sleep all my life, starting in childhood.  However I think I am finally getting to know what helps me.

A general recommendation is 7 to 8 hours per night of restful sleep.  As with other things everyone is different and at different times our own requirements change.  If we have had an illness, injury, are recouping from surgery, or are experiencing an extremely stressful time in life extra sleep may be just what the body and mind need.  Several reputable studies on sleep in the U.S. indicate that many Americans are sleep deprived leading to a host of related health issues.

Here are a few suggestions: 
MAKE YOUR SLEEP ENVIRONMENT COMFORTABLE & SERENE.  Everyone has a different idea of comfort, maybe to you it means having your favorite cozy quilt on the bed with at least 4 different pillows.  Temperature is a factor in comfort, not too hot, not too cold, but that Goldilocks temperature that is for you “just right”.  Light or the lack of is a big factor.  Most sleep expert’s advice in favor of a room that is dark as light affects the sleep center in the brain.  In fact lowering the lights throughout the living space prior to bedtime is one way that the brain prepares for sleep mode. Now for serene, again that is very personal but most experts agree that very stimulating television, movies, music, computer games, or reading a Stephan King novel do not relax the mind or body.  Forgo the 10 o’clock news and choose some restful music, reading material, or meditate prior to going to bed.  A soak in the WW hot tub is a wonderful way to end a busy day and transition to rest mode.  Star gazing on the deck or a twilight walk is all good too.

DEVELOP A SCHEDULE.  The human mind and body love repetition so foster a bedtime habit concerning activities prior and set a regular time for sleep. If you have a very difficult time going to sleep or staying asleep medical advice may be in order but first try these suggestions and see what works for you.  

Wishing Everyone Sweet Dreams
The Naked Lady

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easy Healthful Changes

Lately I've been reading a lot about healthful ways to improve one's life and I believe that one mistake people make is trying to change too many things at once and that becomes overwhelming.  If you never exercise or only do so once or twice a year setting a goal of daily exercise is probably going to be difficult.  If your diet comes mainly out of a drive through window you may want to take small steps before you swear to a vegan lifestyle.  Set doable goals and make small changes adding another change each week or every other week.  No one got where they are overnight so be gentle with yourself and change little by little.

Over the next 10 blogs I will have suggestions that help us get healthy or more so in baby steps.  You can't start doing yoga and immediately fold yourself into a pose that resembles a human pretzel or begin a running program and win a marathon.  So let's give it a try and know that some days will be easier than others and some days really hard or even a complete failure.  In case of the latter there is always tomorrow and then you just start again.  Here's a challenge!  See how many of these you can add and see how much better you feel.  Comments and feedback always welcome. 

Challenge # 1 is WATER:

Almost everyone is under-hydrated at the least or moderately to severely dehydrated.  You can read all sorts of amounts that are suggested as formulas to figure how much water to drink per day but for me the easiest one is weight in pounds divided in half = number of ounces per day.  In other words if you weigh 100 lbs then you need 50 ounces of water per day (I hope you didn't expect me to use my weight as an example.)  If you exercise, travel, live in a hot dry climate or drink alcohol you should increase by an additional 8 to 16 ounces.  It sounds like a lot but is very doable, just space it out.  First thing in the morning even before coffee or tea a big glass of water to start the day, then a glass every hour and remember only to count water (coffee, tea, soda, juice, etc. do not count).  Carry water with you when you are out and remember to drink before eating or snacking, before and after exercise and more when consuming alcohol.  If you want to change it up sodium free club soda or seltzer is a good option or add lemon, lime, or cucumber to water.  You may want to keep a water journal for a few days to see how you are doing.  Remember 70% of body weight is water, that's what we are made of.  To keep you in good working order and to flush toxins fuel up with plenty of pure, fresh WATER!

Here's to our health, I just toasted with a big glass of water.

Namaste' from the Naked Lady

Friday, March 14, 2014

Wildwood Members Look & Feel Younger & Live Longer!

Scientists and Doctors say:  Wildwood Members Look & Feel Younger & Live Longer!

Well actually what scientists and doctors say is feel and look younger longer by following a healthful life style.  Since three of the top four things listed are all things easily available at Wildwood it makes sense that WW members are amongst those enjoying these anti-aging, health boosting, fun activities.  

The top four are:

1                Make friends and have an active social life.
2                Practice yoga & meditation daily.
3                Exercise, 30 minutes of moderate aerobic daily.
4                Eat a diet that is based on organic vegetables & fruits, fish, whole grains and limited refined carbs & meat. 
Well three out of four isn’t bad.  We all like to eat and we do that very well at potluck but just maybe a few small changes during the week will offset that piece of pie on Saturday night.

#1 FRIENDS:  What friendlier more social place could there be?  Socializing on the deck, shared holidays & special events, weekly potluck meals, and pool tournaments are just a few of the social activities members have to choose from.

#2 YOGA & MEDITATION:  Relaxing Yoga on Wednesday nights will give a base to form your own daily practice.  Stress is a contributor to almost every chronic condition (heart disease, high blood pressure, & diabetes just to name a few).  Stress also impairs sleep and often opens the door to over eating.  In short, bust stress and you will feel better & live longer.  In addition to Wednesday night yoga, relaxing on the deck, meditating in a quiet shady spot or contemplating a beautiful sunset or starry night sky will do a world of good.

#3 EXERCISE:  WW has everything to get you started.  The marked nature trails are maintained year round and are great for walking, jogging, or running.  Two beautiful pools for swimming, water volleyball, or water aerobics.  Also dancing is a wonderful form of exercise and is social too.  None of these activities require costly equipment and are perfectly suited to the natural way of life at Wildwood.  What more do we need to get that daily exercise?  JUST DO IT!

Concerning #4:  Let's just say we all will try to do better by making better choices and making those portions a bit smaller.

I love proving doctors wrong when they make dire predictions, however in this case I really hope we all prove them right.  Wildwood members let’s rock that look & feel younger and live longer statement.  

Want more proof:  Our senior member just celebrated 90 years young!  I’m going to plan on dancing at his 100th birthday celebration.  How about you?

The Naked Lady

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nude Yoga

 I hope everyone has had an opportunity to enjoy at least a bit of the warmer weather and sunshine that has come our way this past week.  On one of the warmest days I spent time tending my garden naturally which is one of my favorite things to do.  Just as a reminder, we haven’t had much sun all over, all winter so do be sensible with the exposure.  I had a slight pink glow after my day digging & raking. Sunshine has many healthful benefits, it provides much needed vitamin D and natural spectrum light elevates mood while fighting depression.  Just remember sun screen is your friend, eyes need protection from over exposure, and hats aren’t just a fashion statement but help regulated body temperature.  
I like to call attention when advertisers use nudity (in good taste) to high light products.  I very much like the following photo by Toesox.  I have not used any of their items but just may order the sox as they seem to make sense for use in several yoga postures.  Yoga Journal often runs their ads and there are several photos used with this model who is a yoga teacher.  In case you are interested here’s a link to their posters and products.
As you may imagine not everyone in the yoga community loves these ads and images and there are several scathing letters about this being exploitation.  Please take a look and judge for yourselves.  
Namasta’ from the WW Naked Lady.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Welcome to the Wildwood Naked Lady Blog

Welcome to the Wildwood Naked Lady Blog.  My hope is this will spotlight the less well known activities at Wildwood and aspects of natural living in general. 

For those folks who don’t know WW has a relaxing yoga class on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. The goal is to stretch & strengthen the body while relaxing body, mind, & spirit.  Yoga & meditation (relaxation) has long been known to benefit a healthful life style and what could be more relaxing than yoga naturally.  We do not do head stands or any of the advanced asanas but concentrate on the postures that invite relaxation and always close with a guided meditation.  Please consider joining us, if you can get up and down from sitting on the floor you will be able to do these exercises.

As I look outside now it is snowing, however, I am anticipating weather that will allow the solar heat on the pools to get us back to water aerobics in spring. We can also try yoga in the fresh air or a guided meditation in the hot tub.

Maybe I have watched too much Olympic coverage on TV but I’m ready to go for the “Gold” and recover from the marathon eating of the holidays and way too much time on the couch indoors. If you are too then let’s get busy.  Remember the trails are maintained all year so walk, jog, or run off some of the winter insulation while you lower blood pressure and improve your health in general.

Your Wildwood membership is a passport to many exercise opportunities and they can all be enjoyed naturally. 

Namasta’ from the WW Naked Lady.